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Lana del Rey returns with pure magic on her lead single ‘West Coast’, lifted from her highly anticipated sophomore effort Ultraviolence out soon. Leaning towards the Paradise cut of her Born to Die debut, the Dan Auerbach produced single floats between two vibes as LDR’s enigmatic vocals pervade the sombre yet light soundscape. Down on the West Coast / They got a sayin’…


Postcards from cities in A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones.


London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years (Official Video)    

This came out last year, but it’s one of those videos that really deserve to be revisited every once in a while. A brilliant concept by BISON (Owen Silverwood and Dave Bullivant). Check out the behind the scenes HERE

Can I say how much I love London Grammar?!

Why is it that my favorite Chinese in this world is from the little joint in my town.  The fact that it is across from my Nana’s old house might have something  to do with it.  #nothinglikehome #goodmemories #bestchinesearound

Why is it that my favorite Chinese in this world is from the little joint in my town. The fact that it is across from my Nana’s old house might have something to do with it. #nothinglikehome #goodmemories #bestchinesearound

"The first thing I noticed on my first day on the job is that in retail no one sits. Ever. It didn’t matter if it was at the beginning of my shift, if the store was empty, or if my knees, back, and feet ached from hours of standing. Park your behind while on the clock, went the unspoken rule, and you might find it on a park bench scanning the want-ads for a new job. Another quick observation: Working in retail takes more skill than just selling stuff. Besides the mindless tasks one expects—folding, stacking, sorting, fetching things for customers—I frequently had to tackle a series of housekeeping chores that Stretch never mentioned in our welcome-aboard chat. Performed during the late shift, those chores usually meant I’d have to stay well past the scheduled 9 p.m. quitting time. Mop the floors in the bathroom, replace the toilet paper and scrub the toilets if necessary. Vacuum. Empty the garbage. Wipe down the glass front doors, every night, even if they don’t really need it. It was all part of the job, done after your shift has ended but without overtime pay."

My Life as a Retail Worker: Nasty, Brutish, and Poor (via azspot)

It’s the fine print that comes with jobs like this that often make them burdens. Ballooning expectations for as minimal pay as possible.

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Everyone should work retail, a retail Christmas preferably, once in their lives. It makes you a better customer.

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In Miguel Chevalier’s installation Magic Carpets, the French artist transformed a former church space into a mesmerizing spectacle of sound and lights. He used digital technology to project a variety of multicolored light patterns and mosaics, inspired by Islamic art, across the floor. As viewers walked throughout the space, the interactive designs adjusted and changed in unpredictable movements to create a direct dialogue between individuals and the surrounding space.

:::Spoiler Alert::: - The Purple Wedding

I knew this episode was going to be interesting….but it never came across my mind that I needed to be suspicious about another wedding scene.  I have so many questions after Joffrey’s death.  Although I am glad that he is gone, at the same time, I’m not.  First, although he was a little shit, he was entertaining and one of those “love to hate” characters.  I also was hoping he would die in the “Walking Dead” style (aka the more important character you are the more brutal the death).  I was hoping his death would be more satisfying and not so soon into the season.  Secondly, who done it?!  My guess it on the Tyrells.  They seemed too jittery and nervous during the whole episode and it would only make sense to wait to kill him after the marriage, then their lady would be a queen free to rule the iron throne (however, they never got to properly consummate their marriage, so how does that work?).  Even though Joffrey was horrible to Tyrion, I don’t think Tyrion would be so stupid as to kill him in front of everyone.  It would also make sense that it would be the “Prince” aka the brother of the Prince who couldn’t come to the wedding, considering he swore the Lannisters would pay their debts.  Who knows.  It could even have been the king’s hand - Tywin Lannister is a dickhole of a man. Who will rule the throne next?  What does everyone else think?? Thoughts?